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Welcome to the Parish Council


The aim of this website is give the villagers in the Ashton Keynes Parish easy access to as much information as possible about the council and its services.

The Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday evening of each month in the Village Hall and occasionally at other times if the situation demands it. Any member of the public can attend the meeting but they can only ask questions during the ‘public questions’ agenda item.

If you would like to know who your Parish Councillors are please visit the Councillors page.

If you would like to know how the Parish Council is organised and which Councillors are on our Committees and Working Groups, please visit the Members page.

If you would like to contact the Parish Council you can do so by sending a message to the Clerk using the Enquiry Form here. The address for postal correspondence is also provided on the enquiry page.

There are various facilities provided on this website to enable interaction with the Parish Council and fellow villagers. These include a Public Forum where views can be shared on a range of topics, and a commenting system allowing visitors to leave Comments on a particular article pages. Forum postings and Comments are reviewed by moderators of this site before being published for public viewing.


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