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Emergency Planning

The purpose of the Emergency Planning Working Group is to advise the Parish Council on potential emergency situations and the advisory and response procedures available from Wiltshire Council and its partner organisations. Information for the community on how best to react to an emergency is available from the Parish Council Website in conjunction with other Council and National organisation sources.

By definition an emergency is an unexpected event which causes severe disruption. As such it may not be practical to have a detailed local emergency plan for every potential emergency situation and the response will be initiated by the County or National authorities.

However, certain types of emergencies may be predictable based on the locale and geography of the area. For the village of Ashton Keynes it could be assumed that extreme periods of heavy rain could cause a flooding emergency given the high water table in the region.

The Environment Agency publishes a useful risk assessment of flooding on their website. A link to the website showing the Ashton Keynes area is here.


The members of the working group are

  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • to be appointed
  • to be appointed

Emergency types under consideration for planning purposes

  • Severe Flooding
  • Long Term Power Outage
  • Severe Traffic Disruption
  • .



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